New Community Garden is Coming to Brooklawn

The Borough of Brooklawn is proud to announce our new Community Garden, an effort to serve residents by providing recreational gardening opportunities and food production, but also acting as a bridge to bring together our diverse population for the benefit of co-creating a safe, accessible space that will serve citizens of all demographics for years to come.

The Community Garden’s location, strategically situated across from the Community Center, will provide additional opportunities for resident engagement.

The Garden will feature twenty 4’ x 6’ raised beds, some dedicated for residents and others to the Alice Costello Elementary students and staff. It will also feature a Community Herbal Garden staffed by a community herbalist, vegetable beds for food production that will be donated back to the community and an interactive children’s garden.

In addition to the beds, areas will be created where there are more opportunities for community involvement: seating areas to foster relaxation and dialogue, a butterfly garden to address the concerns of the declining butterfly population as well as to provide education and interest and a “kids zone” that will provide learning opportunities for children of all abilities to engage directly with nature in a safe environment.

This space will be used for events and workshops that will supplement garden activities and ensure positive community collaboration. Mindfulness, healthy eating habits, herbal remedies and others will be presented in a workshop format for citizens. In addition to Brooklawn’s established Green Fair, other seasonally appropriate events will be held at the Garden throughout the year.

The vision of the Community Garden is quite simple: to establish a safe zone for adults and children alike to enjoy the environment while providing a space for continuing education and community building to flourish. The goal is to build a beautiful community outdoor space while building vibrant community relationships that will last for generations.