Mayor and Council

Jerry Granstrom

Contact: (856) 688-5887

First elected in 2001, Skip has had responsibility for many departments, learning more in each role.

Like many residents, Skip has many fond memories of growing up and raising his family in Brooklawn. Having married his childhood sweetheart Barbara, they made their home in Brooklawn in 1977 on 4th Street; they have been there ever since.

They raised six boys to understand the reward in doing good deeds. Skip fondly recalls the cold days of shoveling snow with the boys for elderly neighbors – always turning down payment but, instead being overwhelmed by their gratitude and sometimes homemade cookies! He credits “Sergeant” Barbara with raising the children right and guiding their nine grandchildren in the same way. Her love sustains him.

From early memories of his dad getting him involved in Cub Scouts then Boy Scouts and, of course, baseballthis is Brooklawn, Skip had a clear path to follow by coaching baseball and serving his community. “The best part about Brooklawn is working together with neighbors, year after year, watching our kids grow up together and become hard-working, good people. It’s the Brooklawn way.”

Council President
Colin MacAdams

Term: 2024-2026

Colin MacAdams was elected to serve on the Brooklawn Borough Council in 2024. He was born and raised in “God’s Little Acre” by former Councilman and community activist, Tommy MacAdams and Shade Tree Commission Member, former Board of Education Member, and community activist, Marie MacAdams.

Colin spent over a decade serving on the Brooklawn Board of Education, carrying out the position of Vice President and President during his tenure. “I genuinely cherished my time on the school board, and it was bittersweet to step away from our great and ever-improving school. However, I am blessed to be able to serve the community in another capacity through council.”

Colin is married to Kyrstlin MacAdams, current Brooklawn School Board Vice President, and they have two daughters together, Noelle and Presley. On any given day, you can see the family strolling around town, the girls speeding in their motorized vehicle, playing at the park, or hitting softballs in the front yard.

Colin has been a teacher in neighboring Gloucester City for the past 14 years.  He also coaches basketball and soccer while working part-time for the Philadelphia Phillies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Rutgers University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Wilmington University.

According to Colin, “There is no better community than Brooklawn; we are a hardworking, blue-collar community. While we always welcome and are excited about new residents, traditionally, our houses are passed down from generation to generation. This is what makes our community unique.  When giving directions to a stranger or new resident, I often forget I can’t say, ‘It’s right over by the Harding house, or make a left turn near the Darrow’s, or it’s just around the corner from the McKinney’s.’

Those who were raised here desire to raise their own families here, and I am no exception.  From a young age, the value and importance of giving back to Brooklawn was continuously reinforced. I was taught to be the change you wish to see in the world. It is my hope that at the end of everything, I can leave Brooklawn a little better than I found it.”

Council Member
Patricia McConnell

Term: 2022-2024

Patricia McConnell began serving on Borough Council in 2016 and has been a resident of Brooklawn for 30 years. She loves the community events and small town feel in Brooklawn. 

Patricia has been married for 28 years and has one son, one daughter, and an energetic, sweet, and cuddly Jack Russell named Peter. On the weekends, she enjoys spending time with her husband and almost always having a family Sunday dinner with her kids.

Her hero in life is her mom. She was a single, working mother who always saw to Patricia’s wants and needs. Patricia shares, “Although not easy for her, I was always her number one priority no matter what.”

A few more facts about Patricia: Her favorite musical artist is Pink, favorite actor is Goldie Hawn, and she can stand on her head!

John Clotworthy

Term: 2023-2025

John Clotworthy began serving on Borough Council in 2020 and has lived in Brooklawn for nine years. He oversees the census, sustainability, and business development.

John loves that Brooklawn is like a little secret– a community with everything you need, including a beautiful waterfront. He loves the residents, tree-lined streets, close proximity to everything, the incredible school that kids can walk to, the church, and more– “It’s perfect!,” John said. 

John has been married for three years to his wife Aysha whom he met during his high school job at Westbrook Lanes Bowling Center. “You ever notice those spotless bathrooms and that tidy birdcage [at Westbrook Lanes Bowling Center] from 2003-2007? That was me,” said Clothworthy. Today, John and his wife run a bowling league. For the past 8 years, it’s been something they look forward to every week. 

John and Aysha have a two-year-old daughter named Krya. He is a big 90’s hip hop fan, ranking Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Mobb Deep, and Tupac as his favorites with Red Man/ Jedi Mind Tricks tied for fifth. 

John is honored to serve the community of Brooklawn, and he really enjoys engaging with people. If you see him on the street– feel free to stop and talk!

Stacey Ostrom

Term: 2023-2025

Stacey Ostrom began serving on council in 2023, previously serving on the planning and zoning committee. She is the first woman of African descent to serve on council. She’s lived in Brooklawn for the last 15 years with her husband Mike, a lifelong resident, and two Chocolate Labradors. On the weekends she enjoys watching soccer and hopes to someday attend a Premiere League game.

Her career as a nurse inspired her interests in serving in government, “helping people navigate the healthcare system, identifying the issues within the process, and observing how the mental health system needs changes reminds me of how my experiences can help the people in my community by bringing programs that allow residents to live healthier lifestyles,” said Ostrom. She describes herself as a bit of a nerd: “I’m the cerebral type, I am always thinking and analyzing.” These skills will come in handy as she learns the ins and outs of government.  

Stacey credits her mother for teaching her to be independent while also being open to mentorship. “She did the best she could to provide me learned life experiences and when she couldn’t offer me experiences (i.e., from a black woman’s perspective) she provided me with a network of professional women of color to help educate me. She acknowledged her own limitations and allowed others to teach me, and she also learned. She is an amazing mother and I love her dearly.”

She affectionally describes Brooklawn as a quaint town and is proud to be a part of a community that provides great experiences for its residents with celebrations and festivals. She’s excited to roll up her sleeves and to continue the work in offering the best of experiences for Brooklawn residents while bringing a diverse perspective and new ideas.

Bruce Darrow

Bruce Darrow began serving on Council in 2024, but has been involved in both the planning/zoning board and Brooklawn’s Board of Education (of which he was president for 15 years). A resident of Brooklawn for 70 years, Bruce has raised five sons in this town with his wife Jill.

Those who know Bruce know that his love for Brooklawn and sports runs deep. Bruce has been able to join these two loves over the years as a coach for softball and basketball teams for the children in town. His passion and fervor for these sports have led to him earning proclamations from both the City of Gloucester (2018) and the Camden County Board of Freeholders (1996).

In his free time, he still enjoys coaching youth sports (he’s been the Boys Basketball Travel Coach for the last 26 years!), but don’t be surprised to see him doing photography work at a game he’s spectating, he provides complementary photo work to teams in town!

Christina Houchins

Christina Houchins began serving on Council in 2024. Before Council, Christina was Chair of the Brooklawn Planning and Zoning board for the past three years and a board member for seven years. 

With a decade of cherished memories in Brooklawn, she has woven the fabric of her life alongside her beloved husband Damon and her children Harper and Deacon. Her bonus sons, Nico and Damon III, further enrich her family. As an active and dedicated member of the Alice Costello PTA, “I am committed to fostering a sense of community and support among families in our neighborhood.” 

With 16 years of experience in affordable housing, Christina has honed her skills and passion for creating homes where all individuals are welcomed and valued while networking with community leaders to ensure the community needs were met. 

While Brooklawn was initially seen as a stepping stone to her forever home, it has since become the foundation of her family’s happiness and fulfillment. 

On weekends, you can catch Christina and her family running from sport to sport. They are a whirlwind of activity as she cheers on the children in their various sports endeavors, from dek hockey to baseball, wrestling, soccer, and flag football. 

Christina shares, “In the embrace of our family and community, I have found my true home and purpose.”