Boards and Commissions

Board of Health / Animal Licensing

Gertrude Bunting
Denise Mackey
Tiffany Soska
Todd Twichell – Secretary

First Thursday of every month at 6:30pm at Borough Hall

Todd Twichell
856-456-0750 Ext. 103

Board members handle all pet licensing issues. 

All dogs and cats within the Borough of Brooklawn MUST register their pets annually.  When registering your pet(s), proof of current rabies vaccination must be provided or the current unexpired vaccine record must be on file at Borough Hall. If the annual registration is not paid by the last day of January, a non-negotiable $20.00 late fee will be applied to each pet’s annual registration fee. New pets can be registered anytime throughout the year, then annually each January going forward. Any questions can be directed to Todd Twichell 856-456-0750 Ext.103.

Cat: $15.00
Dog: $17.00 neutered/ $20.00 non-neutered

Pet Registration Form

Free Rabies Clinic:
The Brooklawn Board of Health in conjunction with Camden Camden holds a free rabies clinic. Check back for details.

Shade Tree Commission

Patrick Moses – Chairperson
Tiffany Dolan
Julie McCleary
Marie MacAdams
Paul Heyne
Trisha McConnell

First Monday of every month at 6:30pm at Borough Hall

Todd Twichell
856-456-0750 Ext. 103

The Shade Tree Commission was established in July 2009. Over the years, the Commission has continued to oversee regulation, planting and care of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery on any municipal property or park in the Borough. This includes the planting, trimming, care and protection of the trees. Each season, the Commission takes requests from residents that are interested in having a tree planted in front of their home (courtesy of the Commission). If you are interested, please contact the Shade Tree Commission Secretary Todd Twichell at

The Commission recently received Tree City USA status from the Arbor Day Foundation for the 11th consecutive year, in addition to receiving the growth award from the foundation in the past.

The Commission holds a community Arbor Day observation in the fall. Check back for details.

Shade Tree Permit Application

Planning and Zoning Board

Chairperson: Kimberly Meehan
Vice- Chairperson: Frank Cipolone
Mayor: Theresa Branella
Mayors Designee: Julie McCleary
Council Representative: Mike Mevoli
Zoning Official: Mike Ostrom
Solicitor: Andrew Viola
Board Secretary: Maria Schiano Branson
Member: Bruce Darrow
Member: Marie MacAdams
Member: Christina Rubino
Member: Joseph Klepka  
Member: Joseph Vinci
Member: Stacey Ostrom

Fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm at Borough Hall

Maria Schiano Branson
856-456-0750 Ext. 104

The planning and zoning board evaluates redevelopment projects to ensure compliance with Brooklawn’s Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

Planning and Zoning