Important Update – Brooklawn Water System

Dear Brooklawn Residents,

Thank you to everyone who came out to our meeting on 4/16. As promised, please see the most recent updates about the quality of our water and the ongoing progress with our water system upgrade.

Water Readings and Testing:

The results of the current 4 quarter average is now (12 + 13 + 12.5 + 9.1) / 4 = 11.65PPT 

Our average is now below the NJDEP MCL of 13PPT.   

Water System Update

As we have mentioned in prior meetings, the Borough of Brooklawn applied for a grant from the USDA in 2022 to help pay for the upgrade to our existing water treatment plant. This application was approved and we were awarded $1 million dollars which will pay for a significant portion of the upgrade to our water system. 

Last week, April 4th was the submission deadline for bids to upgrade our existing water infrastructure to include the filtration system needed to remove PFNA and other harmful chemicals from our water. All bids must come from vendors that have been vetted and approved by the State of New Jersey and each bid must meet strict guidelines in order to be considered. After extensive review of the bids and capabilities of the approved contractors by our engineer, the Mayor and Council approved the upgrade to be completed for just under $1.6 million. 

The selected contractor has been notified and the process of upgrading our water infrastructure has begun. 

Short Term Solutions

As of now, there is no further monetary support for short term solutions through the State of NJ, EPA or NJ DEP, however Jennifer and Chris Drummonds have a stockpile of bottled water for residents in need. They can be reached at or call 856-349-7601. We thank you both and all who donated for their generosity, 

Financial Compensation

Brooklawn will be participating in the class action lawsuit against Solvay, the company partially responsible for the water contamination, and as soon as funds are made available, we will be applying for our fair share. This process is not expected to be available until 2025.

Closing Notes

As we progress through the steps of this project, we will be updating the town each step of the way. As always, we are incredibly grateful for your support. We are approaching 100 years as a Borough and we have always worked together to solve problems. We are a strong community filled with passionate, intelligent and hardworking people. We are lucky to be able to call this place home and we look forward to closing out this project together. 

**Feel free to contact the Borough Administrator Ryan Giles at or Superintendent of Public Works Michael Ostrom at with any questions or concerns